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Honor film FEstival Winner


Worlds Apart has won the Audience Choice Award and a $5000 cash prize from Honor Film Festival! I owe so much to everyone who voted and posted about the competition throughout this process. I am incredibly flattered by your show of support. Thank you.


I became involved with this competition when my very first short film, Sound of Silence, shot in 2011 with $200 and an SD cellphone camera, was made an official selection of Honor USA's first Honor Film Festival 2016. In one week, it's gotten over 61,000 views, 248 likes, and 58 shares on Facebook. 

Stuck inside an isolating hospital room, a bedridden girl is powerless to be a part of the colorful world outside her window. But when she realizes the little boy across the hall needs her help, she uses her imagination to help him and put herself in charge of her world. This story takes place in a stylized world similar to Corpse Bride or Amelie. The hospital is dingy, dark, and monochromatic, but the world beyond, seen through the room’s TV and window, is vibrant and magical.

combination of live action shots and pixilation animation (Ex. Luminaris, Stanley Pickle, and Her Morning Elegance) will be used to create the story’s magical, whimsical characteristics and maximize the unique potential of filming with an Honor cellphone camera.

Animation is bold.


TV: a conductor hands someone a ticket that springs to life and flies them into the air.

CAROL’s entranced by the TV in her dingy hospital room. There’s an open window on the far wall. Her DOCTOR enters, turns the TV off, and checks on Carol before closing the window’s curtains. Carol thinks of the TV ticket’s magical transformation... and steals prescription papers from the doctor’s pad. The doctor leaves.

Carol’s bored. She attempts to crawl out of bed to the window, but collapses. She looks longingly at it.


TV: a fluorescent cowboy lassos a pillow out of a rampaging herd.

A bored Carol crashes a prescription paper airplane into the window. The doctor enters and repeats her daily routine. Carol steals more prescription papers. The doctor looks suspicious but exits, revealing DOCTOR 2 holding the door across the hall for her. A BOY looks desperately bored inside. Carol pulls out the stolen papers, thinks, then grabs a pen, and writes a prescription: one visit to the boy across the hall. The paper springs to life and scoots out under the door. It returns shortly. The boy has drawn his family on it. Carol writes a new prescription for daily family visits. When the doctor returns, Carol slips it onto her clipboard.


TV: A woman blends something neon then drinks it as the blender rockets upwards.

Carol writes a prescription as papers scoot around the room, helping her with the TV and window. They hide as the doctor enters. As she leaves, Carol sees into the boy’s room – his family surrounds him. The papers return, take her hand, and help her walk to the windowsill. She sees the world outside at last, folds another prescription paper airplane, and sends it into the world. She has power over her life once again.